The all-in-one PMS that’s simple & saves time, so you can focus on guests.

Ditch complex, expensive, slow dashboards for TwikPMS - the all-in-one cloud-based property management system. Experience ease of use, customizable automation, dedicated support, and provide complete, worry-free online check-in - all while saving you time and money and helping you focus on hospitality.

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The most simple way to have access to your hotel room

With TwikPMS guests have been able to check in online, and have access to their room without any hassle, which gives the hotel staff more time to focus on hospitality which is good for the reviews.

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Manager at Hotel Oosteinde

We've helped these hotels save time and money with our excellent support

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Simplify daily tasks

Our team, strongly believes that software should be insightful, and work for you not against. This is why we created a smart, customizable property management system that reduces workload without the complexity.

Get setup in minutes

TwikPMS is designed to be easy to use, and quick to set up. We understand that you don't have time to waste, so we made sure that you can get started in minutes, not days. We also offer free support to help you get started.

Delight your guests

Fully customizable automation, and a seamless online check-in process, means that your guests will have a smooth experience from the moment they book, to the moment they check out. This means more 5-star reviews, and more repeat guests.

See more accurate data

TwikPMS provides you with the insights you need to make better decisions. Our reporting tools are designed to be easy to use, and provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

Modernize your payment flow

Our team is dedicated make you not worry about payments. Our integrated payment processing ensures secure and efficient transactions, reducing the risk of errors and fraud. Worry less about payments and more about delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Lower costs of ownership

With rising costs, and increasing competition, it's important to keep your costs down. With TwikPMS you won't have to worry about set-up fees or maintenance fees. We also offer free support, and free updates. This means you can focus on your business, not your software.

Secure & Compliant

TwikPMS is designed to be secure, and compliant with the latest regulations. We use the latest encryption, and security protocols to ensure that your data is safe. We also ensure that we are compliant with the latest regulations, so you can be confident that your data is safe.

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Features you need, no training required

Effortless payments

Our integrated payment processing ensures secure and efficient transactions, reducing the risk of errors and fraud. Worry less about payments and more about delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Comprehensive reporting

Make data-driven decisions to boost your property's performance. TwikPMS provides in-depth analytics and reports, offering valuable insights into occupancy rates, revenue, guest satisfaction, and more.


The central yielding environment makes it easy to manage your prices and availability in one go. Change once and update everywhere.

Accessible Anywhere

TwikPMS is accessible on the go. Manage your property from anywhere, at any time, using our mobile-friendly interface, ensuring you are always in control.

Pre-arrival communication

TwikPMS takes care of all data that is needed from the guest before they even arrive at the reception. This means that the check-in process is faster and more efficient.

Efficiently operate your front office

TwikPMS's intuitive and easy-to-use interface ensures that your staff can quickly adapt to the system. Enabling staff to perform front office tasks with ease, speed, and efficiency.

Fair pricing, great service

We believe in fair pricing. That's why we offer a simple pricing model, with no setup or maintenance fees. We also offer free support, and free updates.

€5 per room per month

No minimum price & free support

Dedicated support

Accessible Anywhere

Online check-in flow

Detailed reporting

Online payments

In-person payments

PSD2 and PCI DSS certification

Motivated support team, always ready for you

Frequently asked questions

Our dedicated team is available to provide you with answers and guidance, even during weekends, evenings, and holidays. Just as you stay active, so do we.

What is a property management system?
A property management system (PMS) is a software application that helps property owners and managers manage their properties. It is used to manage reservations, room availability, guest check-in and check-out, and more. TwikPMS is a cloud-based property management system that is designed to be easy to use, and quick to setup.
Are you really available 7 days a week?
We're here to support you not only throughout the entire onboarding process, but also afterward, all at no cost to you. Our team is accessible to help you every day of the week, 365 days a year. Whether you need to swiftly implement a new setup in the evening, encounter login issues, adjust pricing, or have inquiries regarding your onboarding. You can reach out to us via chat, email, or phone, and we'll assist you every step of the way!
How can I start using TwikPMS
You can start using TwikPMS by contacting our support team. You can also schedule a demo with our team to learn more about the platform and its capabilities.
Do you also provide a booking engine for my own website?
Yes, we do! It is part of stayforRewards and is available for free to all our clients. You will also get a loyalty program system for free. You can learn more about it here.
How often do you update or add new features?
We continually strive to improve TwikPMS. Regular updates and new feature roll-outs are part of our commitment to ensuring the best user experience.
How big is the TwikPMS team?
We're happily Big Small Tech. We're a purposeful, six-person team, and we don't need (or want) funding or investors. The only people we answer to are our users.

Let’s talk about how we can help you

We're here to help you with any questions you may have. Whether you're looking for a new property management system, or you're looking to switch from your current system, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how TwikPMS can help you save time and money, and focus on hospitality.

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